F64 Boudoir Photography Sacramento

Photos you can feel good about.

Create photos of yourself to feel empowered by and be proud to look at.

Boudoir Photography Sacramento

Lake Tahoe Boudoir Photography Experience

This is the ultimate boudoir package at either North Shore or South Lake Tahoe, creating photos you’ve always dreamed of. 

Wildflower Bloom, Oroville

Early March is the start of the wildflower season, and this year was no exception. Endless colors brought incredible opportunities to shoot among the beginning of the bloom.

Creating Works of Art

Whether you are new to getting your photo taken or well-versed in front of a lens, the style of these photoshoots are meant to take you to another level.

Leave the regular humdrum behind you and capture your emotions and show the viewer everything you are truly capable of.

Recent Photography Shoots

hotel boudoir photography with n may 2022

Boudoir Vibes

Photos should be able to tell a story. There should be an innate ability of the viewer to understand what is going on.

Go beyond snapshots and turn your photoshoot into something more. Create an entire story through captured images which take your viewer into a world of its own.

Capture all-encompassing expressions, from facial cues, body language, to the atmosphere around you.

Do you feel the vibe?