Boudoir on Film

Transform into a Work of Art

Become the centerpiece of your own art masterpiece, with a boudoir photography session shot on a film camera. Create authentic, vintage vibes with antique photography equipment.

Film Only – 35mm / SLR

Shot on a film camera using 35mm film, with 36 photos per roll. Includes up to 2 rolls of film, film negatives, prints, and digital scans.

  • Starting Rate: $1600
  • Additional film roll: $250

Film Only – 120mm / Medium Format

Shot on a medium format camera using 120mm film, 12 photos per roll. Includes 3 rolls of film, film negatives, prints, and digital scans.

  • Starting Rate: $2200
  • Additional film roll: $300

Digital Shoot + Film

Combine both a digital photoshoot with film photos. Prices are in addition to normal rates.

  • 35mm: $300 for the first roll, $250 for each roll after.
  • 120mm: $600 for the first roll, $400 for each additional roll.

Equipment Details

35mm camera is a Nikkormat FT2, circa 1975.

120mm camera is a Hasselblad 500C, circa 1957.

Film is selected based on the dynamics of the shoot, which includes location and lighting.

Specialty film or print types can be requested.

All film development is performed by a third party.

With all film shoots, there is a chance of equipment failure or malfunction. Should photos on film fail to develop for any reason, partial refunds are provided.

Final rates to be provided over email after finalizing photo shoot details. 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon reserving a date.

Prices do not include fees for location bookings, whether that is a hotel, Airbnb, campsite, park photography fees, or other expenses incurred.

Want a discount?

A discount, TBD, is offered if you allow your images to be used for this website, portfolio, social shares, or marketing material.

Refer a friend and receive 10% off your next session.

All repeat customers receive discounts, TBD based on shoot requirements.

Photo Editing

Final rate quotes includes basic photo editing. You will receive 25 full-size digital photos. You will receive a Google Drive downloadable zip of the photographs, available for 30 days. RAW unedited photos may be purchased on a case-by-case basis.

Printing Rates

Along with edited photos, you will receive full rights to print, share, and display your images however you wish. Your photos will be sent in full-size formats, ready to be printed by you. No after-shoot charges, no hidden fees.

Physical Copy – Flash

Receive a USB flash drive or SD card of all photos from the shoot, mailed to you. A full day session can hold as much as 100GB worth of photos.

$130 including shipping and one 256GB flash drive or SD card.

Physical Copy – M-Disc

M-DISC is an archival-quality storage solution that preserves photos, videos, music, and documents for 1,000 years or more.

Unlike flash drives and other writable media, that can lose data, M-DISC has been designed to protect your information from degradation and loss for centuries.

$250 including shipping and one M-DISC 100 GB Blu-Ray Disc.

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