hotel boudoir photography with n may 2022

Hotel Boudoir Photography with N

This was N’s first time experiencing boudoir photography. We booked a hotel room at one of the more swanky hotels in the area and made good creative use of the spacious window and lighting. Your pictures made me see myself in a completely different light … I immediately saw all my flaws, but I also … Read more

boudoir photography sacramento glitter paint

Glitter and Paint Boudoir

Using body paint and glitter for this boudoir photo shoot was a lot of fun. The colors and reflections totally changed the mood and the way light glistened across the skin.

Beach Boudoir in Bay Area California - DSC 3909 Edit

Beach Boudoir in Bay Area California

The dark sand on this Bay Area beach makes the skin glow like no other, perfect for a boudoir setting. The lighting from the sunset performed spectacularly, providing several hours of a soft warm glow, allowing plenty of posing while working with the waves and changing light. What started as a fair dry photo shoot … Read more

Boudoir Wildflower Bloom in Oroville - boudoir photography california wildflower bloom

Boudoir Wildflower Bloom in Oroville

Early March is the start of the wildflower season, and this year was no exception. Endless colors brought incredible opportunities to shoot among the beginning of the bloom.